Friday, June 22, 2007

AAAAaarrrrrr, matey!!

A distant step-relative of mine is "starring" in the new reality show, Pirate Master. It's a sort of spin-off of Survivor, except they're on a ship, not an island. I've never been a big reality show watcher, but Ben is super cute and a great guy, so check him out. He's been sworn to secrecy, so I have NO idea how he did. But he's doing a good job of staying under the pirate radar right now, and letting the personality disorders vote each other off.

Did I mention he's super cute?

Did I mention he's technically a step-relative, so it's not gross that I think he's super cute? (OK, maybe the fact that he's over a decade younger than me makes it gross, but I'm willing to deal with that...)

Go, Ben!!!

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