Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A bit of a confession...

Abcesses are collections of pus and infected tissue that can occur virtually anywhere in the body.

The ones I see tend to be superficial, meaning visible on the skin. They're red, swollen, and painful. And in general no fun to have.

And I love to lance them.

Really, a good I & D (incision and drainage) makes my day. There's something that takes you back to the satisfaction of being 13 and pressed up against the bathroom mirror squeezing that bad boy on your forehead for all it's worth.

They're not all fun and games. Sometimes you think you've got it and after torturing some poor soul with cutting and squeezing all you get is blood. Sometimes they are a real behemoth, unexpectedly, and you're not prepared for the overwhelming stench and fluid. Anaerobic bacteria really know how to turn on the fumes.

I'd probably tire of them if I saw them much more often than I do.

But the average primary care I & D, with no complications and a few CCs of pus...

It's really fun.


Ten out of Ten said...

I agree I love a nice juicy abscess.

Not to mention they pay well too.

SOCKS said...

The satisfaction of popping pimples is one of those things that most people don't talk about.
You seem to be "well bred". I'll just sweep this one under the rug and continue to enjoy you and your blogging.