Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yahoo health news roundup

Potentially changing years of practice tradition, it appears that using prophylactic antibiotics for kids with ureteral reflux (urine that washes up into the ureters from the bladder) is not helpful, and may in fact be harmful by inducing resistant infections.

This study showed what we already knew: electronic medical records don't make doctors into better doctors. However, with some research to back it up, perhaps it will be easier to have a sane discussion regarding the real pros and cons of EMR.

And, from the "good-thing-we-spent-US-taxpayer-dollars-on-this-one" category, a shocking study shows that women prefer men with muscles. Hmmm...how much do you think it would cost to figure out if men prefer women with big boobs?

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Anonymous said...

Some of these so called "studies" amaze me with common sense results!