Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dance, dance

There's nothing like going to a rock concert (even an old fart like Dave Matthews) to make you feel old.

Which caused me to remember another recent experience I had that made me feel old and out of touch. Neither of which are necessarily bad things.

We went to see Shrek with the kids. Prior to the movie starting, we noticed one of the big Dance Dance Revolution machines in the lobby. After a few minutes, a few teenage boys, who in my day would be described as "skate rats" began milling about it looking like they were going to play.

I was thinking that if a skinny 14 year old kid played a dance game at the movie theatre, the jocks would be waiting to pound him in the parking lot before his mom came to pick him up. Apparently, times have changed.

One of them started the game. It became immediately obvious that this was a frequent and well-practiced activity. That deaf, dumb, blind kid sure danced a mean revolution. And as a novice dance revolutioner myself (holiday parties at my brother's house), I was quite impressed with his skill level.

We hit the movie. On one of the bathroom trips I made with Son an hour later, they were still going. There began to be a crowd of cute girls watching from afar. By the end of the movie, the cute girls were hanging all over them.

As we left, the dance party was in full swing. Is this a national phenomenon, or just in towns where there's nothing else to do?

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