Saturday, August 11, 2007

Some Devil

Fabulous fabulous performance by the Dave Matthews Band on Friday night.

I had 7th row center stage tickets.

Without my sister, her college buddy (who scored the amazing seats), and my mother (for babysitting) it would not have been possible.

Hilary was right, it takes a village. To go see a Dave Matthews concert, anyway.


Don't Drink the Water - as always, a great concert jam.

Sister - I sobbed through the song, as I do when listening to it solo in the car. It didn't help to have my own amazing sister sharing the experience.

Some Devil - a Dave solo, and amazing.

He's a great performer, was in a great mood. Very peppy, engaging, and energetic. Will be one of the highlights of the summer for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Sister, I hear you laugh
My heart fills full up
Keep me please
Sister, when you cry
I feel your tears
Running down my face
Sister, sister, you keep me