Monday, September 24, 2007

8 Random Facts

I've been tagged by RLBates of Suture for a Living with the 8 Random Facts meme. I guess I'm officially no longer a newbie to the blogosphere. Here goes:

1. I lived and worked a summer in Oslo, Norway. It might be the best place in the world to spend a summer, since the sun is only down for 4 hours a night and the Norwegians groan about how unbearably hot it is when it hit 80 or so. I don't snakke Norske, so don't try to strike up a conversation.

2. I'm a total cheapskate. I come from two long lines of cheapskates, so it's not really my fault.

3. I'm the first doctor in my direct family line since my great-grandfather, whom I never met. He was a small-town doc in rural South Carolina and drove a horse and buggy on house calls for many years. His house calls were $2 - I charge a little more.

4. I cry uncontrollably whenever groups of small children sing together. They don't have to be mine. I don't even have to know them. This makes for great fun at school assemblies and birthday parties.

5. When I started medical school I hoped to either become a pathologist or a radiologist, so that I wouldn't have to talk to patients.

6. I quilt. I'm not prolific, and when I get frustrated I get stalled, so there's not much going on in my sewing room now. I suck at points, and in my infinite wisdom chose to sew a quilt full of points. Good thing I'm so self-aware.

7. I hate to exercise.

8. A genetic freakism - women in my family (including myself) are able to hyperextend our IP joints of our thumbs (essentially to make a right angle out of the first two bones of the thumb). I've not found it to be useful since I've gotten past the stage where it was fun to gross people out with it.

I'm going to forgo the tagging of others, not because I don't like to play, but I'm think I'm the end of the line. Ten out of Ten was quite sure he was the last to be tagged, so I'll have to bump him to second to last, but it ends here.


rlbates said...

Would love to see your quilts or "unfinished" projects. Thanks.

Femail doc said...

I've got the thumb thing going on to. Careful, in my experience it hastens the onset of arthritis of your first MCP joint.

Don't even talk to me about groups of singing children. Shaming my children at event after event!

Bongi said...

paediatrics not for you then?