Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hey Pfizer! This one's for you...

There rarely exists a pharmaceutical need that doesn't go filled by Big Pharma. Too hard to swallow that pill? Here, we'll make a dissolvable tablet...or a patch...or an inhaled form.

But they've missed a hole, a marketing void. And I'm about to give it to them.

Primary care doctors need a combination antifungal/low-potency steroid cream.

Lots of topical fungal/yeast infections, when in the angry and red stage, would really benefit from this. Sure, we've got Mycolog and Lotrisone, but the steroid components of those are stronger than I like to use excessively, especially on a baby bottom. The problem is that they work so well that once patients get a taste, plain nystatin ain't gonna cut it anymore. I have been begged in the past.

Why can't I just write two prescriptions, a steroid and an antifungal? Of course I can. But then there are two copays, and two creams to confuse.

Really, I think this is a good idea. I'll settle for a 10% cut.

If there already exists a cream such as I've described and I'm ignorant of it, please enlighten me. But please be gentle. I've had a rough week.

Pfizer. Call me.


Femail doc said...

I tell patients to get OTC 1% HC ointment plus clotrimazole. But you're right, wish we had one with 2.5% HC, and the two-fer-oneness of it would make compliance more likely.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. Wonder if your friendly pharmacist would compound this? Wouldn't wait for big pharma...both the ingredients are so cheap there's not nearly enough money in the deal to interest them.

The Country Doctor said...

Here's my topical medication I want to patent and market some day. It would include triamcinolone, clotrimazole, and bactroban. I'd market it under the name of "Salve". Patient comes in with a rash. Here, put a little Salve on it.

KarenMP said...

In the UK they have Daktacort, which is miconazole and 1% HC (same as "Micreme H" in NZ). I must disagree with anon. about the lack of interest in developing a cream comprised of cheap components; Vusion is a great example of this (miconazole/zinc oxide/white petrolatum). I'd love to see a combination cream with 1% HC, not *primarly* because of your concerns (separate co-pays, confusion) but because the higher potency creams are so overprescribed by doctors to address those same concerns.

RxDrSi said...

Have you seen triamcinolone applied the same time as Bactroban?
Would there be any contraindications to concurrent administration of the two topical products?

DHS said...

similar to the products karenmp suggests. I'd like one with terbinafine but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.