Saturday, September 1, 2007

Plastics for the pitty-pat

ACOG denounced the recent surge in cosmetic vaginal surgeries. The number of these procedures performed is on the rise, over a 1000 performed last year.

I'm with them. So is Richard D'Amico, president-elect of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He cites risks of unnecessary surgeries and the unproven benefits (improved self-esteem or relationships) as reasons why they are not supported.

Plastic surgeons performed 329,000 breast augmentations last year. I'm unaware of any clinical trials documenting relationship healing.

I don't blame the plastic surgeons for doing what they do. But I find it very troubling that so many women feel a need to enhance themselves surgically, specifically for sexual attractiveness. It is a sad commentary on where American women place a large portion of their self-worth. How is a boob job any different than a vaginoplasty?

And I'd recommend Dr. D'Amico get off his very high and galloping horse before he falls, sustains a nasal fracture, and needs an elective rhinoplasty.


rlbates said...

I agree with you.

adam said...
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Dr. Smak said...

Thanks for commenting - I was curious to hear what you would say.

Anonymous said...

Mercy. There is no limit to what people will pay to have done. Even unto surgery on the ta-ta.