Friday, September 28, 2007

Not a surgeon

RLBates of Suture for a Living has been asking politely to see my quilting. I'm happy to oblige. I love looking at others' quilts for inspiration - perhaps these will give someone else a new idea.

The first is one that I finished about a year ago. I really enjoy the handquilting part of a quilt (up to a point - I can't quilt a bed quilt, just my wall hangings). This one was fun because I got to do some handstitching prior to assembly. I still quilted it once it was together.

The second is pieces of the one that I'm working on now. It's essentially been a work in progress since the previous one was completed. It's a bit bigger than what I usually like, and I've found that I've been bored with the repetition at various stages. I'm currently in a stage of frustration rather than boredom...I'm a bit sloppy with my seams at times (yet another reason I never considered surgery) and my points aren't going together nicely. Maybe now that I'm baring my squares to the world I'll actually start working on them again?


rlbates said...

They are lovely! Don't worry if all the points aren't perfect--most of the time you are the only one who will notice. I say that and yet I can always find "mistakes" even in my best work.

SOCKS said...

Thanks for sharing. And remember, a stitch in time . . .