Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vix vaporub, anyone?

Many large pharmaceutical companies voluntarily pulled infant cough and cold medicines from the market today. This is on the tale of increasing evidence, and increasing noise from several medical organizations, that the use of these medications in infants is ineffective at best, lethal at worst.

I have long been telling my patients of infants not to use these until after the age of 2. A good portion of patients did anyway. And since the dosing on all of these infant medicines says "Ask a doctor" I can tell you that most parents just make it up. I have been asked maybe twice yearly how to dose these meds, so the rest are getting Mom The Pharmacist to dose.

My fear: parents will now want the elusive antibiotic even more, just so they are doing something. It is hard to watch your kid suffering.

The solution: Vix vaporub! Kid gets a massage, mom feels like she's helping, might even open up the nose a little bit. No, don't eat it (tho some of my patients swear by that - eeych!). Of course, I recommend the nasal saline/bulb suction thing too, but really, if you've actually had kids, sometimes that one is better in theory than in practice.

Don't forget, moms and dads, everyone gets colds, and they will eventually go away. By loving and caring for your child, you are doing plenty!


SOCKS said...

Did you mean VICKS? Or were you avoiding a brand name?

Piscesmama + One said...

This makes me so mad. I brought the bottle of "Little Colds" to my doctor when my 15 mo old was sick. She told me that I the stuff only makes things worse. On the bottle it says "discontinue use if child has excessive restlessness" LB was literally panting, wide-eyed when I gave her this crap. It makes me so mad because it ALSO says "all natural" and "pediatrician reccomended" on the bottle.UGHHHH We should sue them for False Advertising.

Dr. Smak said...

Sox -

Thanks, I did mean Vicks.

Patricia P. said...

I tried the Vicks massage on my daughter when she was about 4 yrs old. Her neck and chest turned red. She started crying and getting hysterical. I had to put her in the bathtub to try and get it off. Never tried that again!!