Sunday, November 18, 2007

A new do

We've been dreading my son's impending hair loss. I've been trying to talk about it alot, without actually saying that it was going to happen. We've looked at pictures of other chemo patients, and of course he see the other bald kids here. Even though he's only three, and not yet inducted into the world of vanity, I was very apprehensive about the loss. How would he react? Anger? Fear? Embarassment?

He started shedding 2 days ago. It was everywhere, and bothered him because it kept getting in his eyes and mouth. The solution was to put on a stocking cap, which he wore for about 12 hours. I was on the phone when I noticed him take the cap off, and start pulling handfuls of hair out of his head.

He was completely nonplussed. I brought over an emesis basin, and together we pulled all of the hair out of his head. He was quite relieved that it would no longer bother him.

Ok, so there's the first thing that I've worried about in this whole process that actually turned out not to be the big deal that I thought it might be.


rlbates said...

Good for Henry!!!

Jean said...

Thinking of you both!

Jen said...

I think that kids take some things in stride that are actually a lot more stressful for the parents. When my daughter started her chemo she asked if I would shave her head when it started falling out, so that she wouldn't be left all "patchy". Needless to say it happened on Christmas Day, so Boxing Day we got out the clippers and went to it. She loved her new look as now she'd look the same as the other kids on her floor, and I think that I cried for about 5 hours after she went to sleep that night. We did have an awful lot of fun covering her head in temporary tattoos over the next few weeks though- the drs. and nurses always made a huge deal of her new ones when we went back in for another cycle.

Hang in there- he sounds like a little trouper, to say the least. (Oh, and be prepared when his hair grows back curly...for some reason, it almost always does!)

Good luck to you- we're thinking of your family.

Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. As always, you are all in my thoughts and prayers.