Thursday, January 24, 2008

Book Review: The Poisonwood Bible

Best. Book. Ever.

You've got to read it. Really.

Religion. Politics. Motherhood. Materialism. History. Poverty. Daddy issues. Racism. Love. Death.

All written in the most luscious prose.

I read it for the first time years ago, maybe in college? I loved it then. I recently reread it and loved it even more. In another 10 years I'll read it again. There are some advantages to having a lousy memory.


SOCKS said...

I've read it once and enjoyed it. I'll dust it off and read it again.

I recommend "EAT, PRAY and LOVE" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I enjoy her writing style and subject matter in this particular book.

Cilicious said...

I read The Poisonwood Bible back when it was originally published, and appreciated it, but I preferred The Bean Trees--and my all-time favorite Kingsolver work is Prodigal Summer.