Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The pursuit of Happiness

Henry cried a lot as a baby. A lot.

He was easier as a young toddler, but still what we would call a 'needy' child.

Over the year before his diagnosis, he spent a lot of his days being cranky. But hey, he was 2. We didn't think much of it.

He was scared to death after his diagnosis and surgery. Who could blame him?

But since then...

He is just so happy.


Is it just the extra time under his belt? Is he enjoying the extra time and attention that he gets? Did he have a headache for a year? Am I a better parent since his diagnosis?

I guess I'll never know.

He is just so happy.


rlbates said...

So glad to hear of Henry's happiness.

Femail doc said...

Whatever the reason, thank heavens for the balance that his uplifted mood brings to this journey you're on! Someone said the antidote to despair is ordinary life. It's so true.

SOCKS said...

You pose such a baffling question and one that those who know him have all asked.

No one knows and will ever know but we thank Henry.

His positive attitude and pleasure in daily life has enriched all of us and has helped us endure his personal challenge. I'll always be grateful to him.

Jen said...

It's weird, but we saw a lot of kids who seemed to be "happier" on the oncology's almost like they have some extra reserves or something that not only help them through the experience, but make them a bit more joyful or something too. I think that it's a blessing- it certainly was for us, and seeing my daughter happy made everything just a bit more bearable. I'm glad that Henry is happy :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Henry knows for sure now that he is super awesome -- that's what I think made a difference for my BB. He just seems to really know how awesome he is most of the time, like a superhero brave and strong compared to mere mortals and all of that. Maybe?

TBTAM said...

To see your kid happy - there is just nothing more gratifying. What strength he must have, and I'm sure that's something you've given him.

You're in my thoughts. Take care.