Monday, March 3, 2008


TBTAM is a great blogger to know. She has fabulous recipes, great taste in paint, and writes the best review of HRT I've seen anywhere. She was also kind enough to post about my blog several months ago, and boosted my readership. So I'm taking her cue today, as she recently added some new links to her own blog.

Doctor David's Blog is written by a pediatric oncologist at Hopkins. We got to meet him a few weeks ago as he was the attending on service. Not only is he a great doc, he wears great shoes. Plus, my feet (rather, my socks) made his blog!

Most of my links are to medical blogs, but lately I find that I'm reading some others regularly too. I was directed to Not Quite What I Had Planned by a reader's comments. This is a busy mom with a lot on her plate, not the least of which is a child with cancer. She is great at using humor to combat life's stresses. It's good for me to see families on the 'other side' of cancer.

Dad Gone Mad is nothing short of hilarious. I laugh out loud at this blog more than any other I've ever read. If you've got young kids, or remember having young kids, you'll like this one. Oh, as long as you don't find cursing offensive. I warned you.

I'm looking for some great gardening blogs to inspire me. There's nothing better than getting your hands in the dirt on these sunny spring days. If anyone has any favorites, let me know! (Addendum: I found one on my own. But still let me know about your favorites!)

And last of all, the good news! Henry's white blood count has rebounded, and he is improving by leaps and bounds every day. We hope to be out of the hospital within the week. Thanks to all of our wellwishers!


JeanMac said...

So good to hear good news - all the best.

Doctor David said...

Thanks for the mention! Glad Henry is getting better. I can't wait to see you guys in CLINIC instead of inpatient.

Beach Bum said...

A favorite gardening blog:

Calendula & Concrete

Granya said...

So what size is Dr David's foot? ZAPPOS can accommodate.

rlbates said...

Not really a blog, but a nice website for gardening (and a fellow Arkansan):

Anonymous said...

Great news about Henry

TBTAM said...

Hey, thanks for the mention, but more importantly, great to hear the news about Henry's white count.