Sunday, June 29, 2008


Another fabulous Dave Matthews Band concert last night. This was my third, in what's turned into an annual tradition with Mr. Smak and Sister Smak. Bonus that no one puked on or near us this year. We did, however, get an eyeful of the bottom of the quite toasted lady next to us in the parking lot. She asked Mr. Smak to hold her beer while she relieved herself two feet from him. Apparently, when you're toasted and it's dark, Mr. Smak looks like Bruce Willis, and I like Juliette Lewis.

The emotional highlight of the 2007 show for me was Sister. It's a beautiful, and simple song, and anyone who has a sister should listen to it.

Last night, the emotional point for me was So Damn Lucky. It's a song about how life can change in an instant. We've all had those moments. Mine, which occured in the interim between the 2007 and 2008 show, was on my mind throughout the song.

Amazing what a minute can do...

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Femail doc said...

I always consider myself lucky when no one pukes on or near me. I must be getting old; haven't been to a concert with such adventures in years.