Saturday, June 21, 2008


A patient asked me this week if it was okay that she was taking her pig's tramadol (a pain medication).

No one can say that family medicine is boring.

I told her I'd rather she not take it, and happily prescribed her some FDA approved-for-human-use tramadol. Same dose. Same name. Likely the same manufacturer, though I didn't check.

Though really, my best guess is that it's ok. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

If it weren't okay, wouldn't it be called something else? Hamadol? Sorry. Couldn't help it. Besides, no one else commented.

Doctor David said...

Wow! And I thought *I* got the great questions!

Teresa said...

Well what about the poor pig's pain if she takes his meds?

webhill said...

As a vet, I would be highly annoyed about the diversion of the medication I had prescribed, and I would fire her ass from my practice.

Therapeutically speaking, I see no problem with her taking it. I mean, I don't think I know anyone in my profession who hasn't at one time or another taken something off his or her own shelf. Most of the drugs we use are not veterinary-specific, and are in fact the exact same drugs you get at CVS or Target Pharmacy or wherever. I mean, for generic stuff, that is.