Friday, September 26, 2008

Love note

I got a love note today. An anonymous one.

I was having lunch with some of my coworkers in a small family restaurant near my office, when our waitress dropped off a handwritten note. She said, "I was asked to give this to you."
Dear Dr. Smak,
Thanks for everything you do. We really appreciate it.
We're praying for your son.
And when I asked for my check, the waitress told me the anonymous note-writer had paid for my lunch. I have a hard time expressing how touched I am.

Sometimes small town life seems dull. Sometimes I wonder if I could have done more in a bigger setting, a more "glamorous" doctor role.

Times like that make small towns look really good.


rlbates said...

How very nice!!!

Jen said...

How absolutely wonderful! When we lived in our small town and my daughter was undergoing her treatment I had a complete stranger show up at our doorstep with scented candles for me one night so that I could have a nice, relaxing much as all of the fundraising that everyone did for us, that gesture always sticks in my mind. People really are great.

Rach said...

What a way to end the week... Sometimes I wonder what I'm missing, what with living in a city with 2.5 million people

SOCKS said...

What an uplifting gesture!!!

You've made a mark in that small town clinic and should be so proud.

I am.

...tom... said...

Wonderful story.

...and I bet the food is better in a 'small town' restaurant also. At least it has often been so in my experience.


pisceshanna said...

After I gave my speech at the Women's Resource Center on Friday, I got hugs and pats on the back afterwards. I also got a free pass to some Yoga classes.

Small towns are good to you.

femail doc said...

What a great story. Doesn't that just make your day/week/month?