Friday, January 9, 2009

My First Political Post

This is so not a political blog. But I feel the need to comment.

I like Obama. Really like him. He's up against some unenviably huge problems, and will surely not be able to please everyone who expects him to deliver what they expect him to deliver.

I've said that the only way that I would be really disappointed with him is if I felt he lost his integrity, which the naive part of me wants to believe can still exist in a politician.

But I'm disappointed.

Sanjay Gupta? Surgeon General?


All the talk about primary care saving the American health care system, and a neurosurgeon is getting tagged for Surgeon General? Can you get more specialized than a neurosurgeon? To head the public health service?

I even like Dr. Gupta, it's nothing against him. But I'm disappointed.

Maybe I'm less disappointed in Obama's decision, and more disappointed that there isn't a well-known primary care physician that could fill the role.


Anonymous said...

i agree, I really like Obama-he sure does have alot of problemos to deal with. And I too am hoping he will not become like many other politicians. I feel that Michelle will do her part to keep him grounded and on track.

And good luck to Dr. Gupta if he is appointed-the good thing on his side, is he doesn't have the typical "surgeon bedside manner". (no offense to your surgeon readers who I am sure have a good bedside repoire) He doesn't have the "I've touched the human brain" persona. He can actually talk with the average person-and for change in the health care system, you need the public support also.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I thought you were kidding.

And then I thought maybe you heard wrong through some kind of virulent e-mail or something.

But it's true.


Dragonfly said...

Kevin MD for Surgeon General!

Dr. Smak said...

Dragonfly - Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

Dr. Val said...

I'm with you Dr. Smak. Gupta is an inappropriate choice for Surgeon General. A person with deep public health experience would be far more helpful.