Saturday, July 25, 2009

A little Jimi thing

My annual Dave Matthews Band concert review:

We had a great time. We had no proximity issues with annoyingly trashed people, probably a first. There were plenty of annoying people, trashed people, and people we shared personal space with, but this year fortunately none that met all those criteria, at least at once.

When we arrived to tailgate, a thick summer storm was working it's way out of the area. By the time the concert started, it was cool, clear skies. Perfect.

Dave normally doesn't get real dressed up for anything. Last night, though, he really looked like he had just rolled out of bed. Maybe a quick shower next show?

The band played well. There were several great songs off of the new album, and several really fun older ones. I got to see a couple older ones (Jimi, #41) that I had been hoping for.

Best part of the show was where the drummer and the new saxophonist jammed together. Amazing. Readers may recall that the longstanding saxophone player with the band died accidentally last year. Jeff Coffin of Bella Fleck and the Flecktones stepped in. Though Leroi Moore was part of the history and soul of the band, Jeff's skills really outshine Leroi's. I really enjoyed him. The man can play two saxophones at the same time. Really. Two in his mouth. Fun.

A great tradition, a special night. This year we've booked another show to take the girls in another few weeks, give them a little Dave fever.


Not sad, when you're gone
But when your light’s still on
Your dreams wont let you fly
Don't be dead before you die
Hunger, till fed, give love instead
When it gets inside, watch the dead man squirm

Above all things
If kindness is your king
Then heaven will be yours before you reach your end

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