Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Food for Thought

A brilliant bit of reporting on NPR regarding how money drives way too much in medicine. Really a delightful piece, exposing how Big Pharma makes everyone think they have a disease that needs a drug. TBTAM did a similar expose a year ago on Pfizer, this one is on Merck, but be sure they would all have done it if they had thought of it first.

It should give pause to physicians and patients alike.

And make us wonder why last week the FDA approved Crestor, a powerful cholesterol-lowering drug, for people who do NOT have an elevated cholesterol.


Anonymous said...

I heard that very long and riveting NPR piece too. So interesting (and horrifying) on so many levels. And I sense the same behind the scenes shenanigans as you of Crestor, which seems so suddenly to have gained so much favor in the last 1-2 years, after so much disfavor before.... Do you think those at the heart of it, like the Bone Mineral Institute's lone employee, also believe they are "helping" so many unsuspecting patients?

Sybil said...

Thinking of you and all your loved ones at this special time of the year...May you be blessed with many happy memories and may sadness not linger to long

Love Sybil xx

ADB said...

Hope you're having a great Christmas this year, with memories of days gone


sajbat said...

Fascinating! As a physician, I rarely know who to trust anymore. Big Pharma manipulates Medicare and trials to their own benefit, and information is constantly changing and reversing. Sometimes I feel that the American skepticism of Allopathic medicine is not entirely wrong. I missed this on NPR--thanks for the post.