Tuesday, September 28, 2010



This memory has been on my mind the last few weeks.

We took a long weekend at the beach. This was during his recovery from his more intense chemo, he was feeling pretty good, but didn't have a lot of stamina. One way he coped was to spend a lot of time on various wheeled vehicles. So we took his "mogocycle" many places with us, including the boardwalk.

He took great pleasure in chasing off the seagulls. He would clear them out, and then when they landed again, he chased them off again.

At one point, he slowed to a crawl. My daughter asked what he was doing. He looked at her, incredulous. Secretive. As if she didn't know.

Whispered, "The policeman is here...I don't want to get a ticket."

Sure enough, a uniformed officer had just arrived.

**I have a measurable amount of angst publishing this. It's painful to go through old photos and videos, I inevitably get hit with one I wasn't expecting that I wasn't ready for. And I have a weird hangup about enumerating my memories of him. So I am considering this a trial run.


Karen said...

Such a character. Bravo, Henry!

Karen, a recurrent lurker and occasional commenter

radioactive girl said...

I'm so happy you shared this but I completely understand if you decide not to do it again.

What an adorable little guy! I love how kids think, and what a great memory you shared.

SOCKS said...

That is such a classic example of Henry's young character - fun loving but would never put that in front of "responsible".

It feels so good to hear you remember those special times/things - feels better than remembering them alone.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet memory!


rlbates said...

I love this! It made me smile. :)

Arlene (AJ) said...

Henry was a special young man indeed, know it's hard to share something like this....allow yourself to remember the happy moments of such times with him. I hope it will bring you comfort.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it.

I think it's a good, healthy sign that you feel you can focus on memories like this.

Anonymous said...

As difficult as these "walks/trips/stumbles down memory lane" may be for you, it was bitter sweet for me. But, I'll take the bitter so that I can enjoy the sweet.

Hoping for another one in the not-so-distant-future,

Sister Smak

...tom... said...


Now just where did Henry get that attitude about avoiding trouble with 'the man'..?!?


Post 'em when ya wanna, fuhgeddaboutit when ya don't. I am sure they are all good . . .if not for you then for us.