Monday, September 24, 2012

All is well

Despite crafting a number of partial posts in my head, I don't have a post today. However, a few of you have written requesting a brief update, and you deserve one. The Smak family is well, and moving through a number of relatively large (new baby, new job, child in high school) life changes with ease. My oldest is taller than I. For those who know me in real life, it's pretty tall. It also marks her maturity somehow; at scarcely 14, she seems every bit the adult. In a good way. My middling is fantastic. Her word. She has recently spent many moments marveling about how wonderful life is right now. She loves her school, she loves her soccer, she loves her family, she loves her friends. She just doesn't see how it could ever get any better. She is my thinker, and though it tickles me to no end to hear her say such upbeat things, I know the underneath too well. "When will it not be so wonderful? What thing might happen to make me sad?" Still, this is not a bad thing. This is just her, and her joy is delightful. Baby E has been dubbed TCBITW by my sister. The Cutest Baby In The World, for those who are wondering. It just might be true. Big blue eyes. Gorgeous complexion. Easy to get smiles from. She's a delight, and makes us smile, and laugh, and try to make her smile and laugh, which is good all around. Me? I am happy. Truly and thoroughly happy. Fortunate. Blessed. Thankful. Mr. Smak feels the same. We try to love every day, live every day, and think of Henry often.